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Parametric Simulation Of Roll Forming Process Cable Tray Forming
Jul 27, 2016

In order to reduce the u-channel steel product design cycle, using parametric design of channel steel model analysis of adjustment. Use of finite element analysis software ANSYS APDL language, using the finite element method simulation of u-steel roll forming process, into finite element structural analysis of parametric design and realization of parameterized finite element modeling and analysis, and basic steps of this method are given. Results show that this method greatly reduces the workload of the finite element analysis and improving work efficiency. Studies have shown that parameterized finite element method is proposed to roll-u-channel steel practical and feasible, numerical simulation explores the roll forming an efficient, quick and practical method.

Roll of cold roll forming mill in series in a row, continue through sheet metal and metal plate, turn bends it will strip processed into the desired shape of plastic processing methods. Cold bending process design mainly relies on the experience and the heuristics, inevitably spend human and material resources. To shorten new product development cycles and numerical simulation of cold bending design choice, many scholars study on cold roll forming. Li Dayong [1] and Yin Jilong [2] used explicit type algorithm on slot steel cold bent forming process for has solution; Xu Shucheng, [3] is used three dimensional play plastic limited Yuan on roll bent forming for has analysis; Han, [4] used has limited article method on roll bent forming full process for has simulation; Heislizl[5] with software PAM-Stamp simulation has slot type section pieces of roll bent forming; Brunet, [6] first used based on plane strain shell unit of II dimension play plastic limited Yuan method, Calculation in roll bending deformation of strip; Lindgren[7] was analyzed by MARC different cold bending forming process of high strength steel; Sheikh[8] use SHAPE roll simulation software.

U-channel steel product on the structure is basically the same, but due to the use of the occasion, the difference of condition, in size structure forms a series if each of its modeling and analysis, duplicate workload will be considerable. Therefore introduced in finite element analysis of process parameter of design thinking, can realize the parameterized finite element modeling and analysis. Because the roll-forming process is more complex, there are many factors involved, both at home and abroad have not yet seen the parametric method into the finite element simulation of roll forming reports.