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Pipe Making Machine Cutting Equipment
Sep 04, 2017

Pipe Making Machine Cutting equipment

There are several cutting equipment used in stainless steel pipe machine.

1. Grinding wheel saw cutter

Grinding wheel saws cutting machine is stainless steel pipe factory using a long time ago, although the cutting machine working efficiency is high, but cut a burr on both ends of the tube, need to deal with the artificial head again, aeriform in pipe cost is high.

2. Metal saw cutting machine

Metal saw cutting machine is divided into circular saw cutting machine and band saw cutting machine. Generally small and medium sized tubes are cut with circular saw blades, and generally large tubes or machines, such as 70 models, are used to cut the machine with a bandsaw. Using metal saws cutting machine to cut off the stainless steel pipe end face smooth without burr and does not need again processing, simple operation, a counter, and saw blade can be repeatedly grinding tooth shape, and repeated use, cutting costs are lower than the traditional grinding wheel saws cutting machine. The pipe mechanism of stainless steel tube is mainly extruded by the mould, and the argon arc welding machine is welded and formed, and the different specifications of the pipe also need to be matched with different specifications. Where is the stainless steel pipe mould? Please contact us for details.

Stainless steel pipe mold include: round tubes, square tubes, rectangular tubes, flat tubes, plum tube, oval tube, trough type pipe, door frames, etc., the material is made of high qualified steel Cr12Mov/SKD11 as raw materials, with high wear resistance, strong toughness, high hardness, resistance to high pressure, strong hardenability characteristics and get the favour of many tube factory.

Stainless steel pipe mould machining process: raw materials testing - exercise - sawing machine - lathe, drilling machine, lathe, CNC precision car - inside and outside grinder - quenching hardness testing - grinding - test - packing.

The specification range of the stainless steel tube machine mold production and production is 5-325mm in diameter, the specification range of the square pipe is 10 * 10-300 * 300mm, the specification range of the special tube is 10 * 10-100 * 300mm, and its tolerance range is about 0.05 mm.

Main stainless steel pipe whole plant equipment, stainless steel pipe and its mould are matching sales, circular tube a set of mould with 54, square tube, a set of mould with 60, and the same circumference of the pipe, round, square mould can be common use, greatly saving the cost of the mould.

1. Always check the oil level on the tank, and the oil level shall not be lower than the regulation value.

2. When the refined filter is blocked by the dirt, it needs to be replaced in time. The coarse filter should be cleaned immediately after the blockage, 3 months.

3. Fill the tank with oil, must be filtered, oil can not mix with water, rust, metal scraps and fiber and other impurities.

4. When starting the oil pump in the winter or cold region, the oil pump should be opened and stopped, repeated several times, so that the oil temperature will rise and the pump station will be flexible before starting work.

5. All the knobs on the hydraulic pump station should not be moved by the operator.

6. Always observe the abnormal fluctuation of the power supply voltage, and check it every three months or so.