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Pipe Making Machine Mainly For Production
Aug 24, 2017

Pipe Making Machine Mainly for production

The main pipe is divided into two major: one of which is a common high-frequency welded pipe machine, the other is a stainless steel pipe machine, high-frequency welded pipe machine is mainly used for the production of various iron pipes, water pipes, etc .; and stainless steel Pipe machine is mainly used for the production of a variety of stainless steel decorative tube, such as: staircase handrail tube, anti-theft doors and windows with the tube, staircase handrail tube, fence, etc., can also produce a variety of car exhaust pipe, , Fluid pipes, edible pipes and so on.

    By the open-book, forming, welding, grinding, sizing, straightening, length, cutting and other production process. As a result of stainless steel pipe forming, welding technology is mature, in many areas has replaced the seamless tube. Such as anti-theft doors and windows, staircase handrails, drinking water pipes, food hygiene pipes, car exhaust pipe, muffler tail pipe, heat exchanger tube, petrochemical pipe, ship pipe. The role of the machine in the work of more and more attention, then how to effectively improve its efficiency? Xiao Bian that know how to maintain the machine can be achieved on the efficiency of the increase.

 The following fine long tube machine and we share the maintenance experience of the pipe machine.

1, often check the oil tank on the oil level, oil surface shall not be lower than the specified value.

2, fine oil filter is blocked when the dirt need to be replaced; coarse filter plug should be promptly cleaned, 3 months time.

3, to the tank refueling, must be filtered, the oil can not be mixed with water, rust, metal chips and fiber and other impurities.

4, in the winter or cold areas to start the pump, it should open and stop, repeat several times, so that the oil temperature rise, until the hydraulic pump station to run flexible and then work.

5, hydraulic pump on all the knobs, non-operating personnel shall not tamper with.

6, often observe the power supply voltage is not normal fluctuations, and every 3 months or so maintenance time. Stainless steel pipe equipment in the future where the future? Want the future, want to develop, is a company's power. No direction of life, is tantamount to losing the soul of life. 2016 market downturn, so that investors began to feel the future is very confused road, stainless steel tube may be the development of it? Stainless steel pipe equipment for investors to light the future road.