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Pipe Making Machine Model Is Based On
Oct 26, 2017

Pipe Making Machine Model is based on

Pipe machine, specializing in the production of stainless steel tube. Different models, pipe range is different, and the pipe machine model is based on its horizontal axis diameter to define the number of horizontal axis diameter, then define the number of pipe machine model is.

In general, we routinely use the 40,50,60 three models, they are in the range of 9-51mm, 25-76mm, 38-114mm. These three basically all large-scale tube plants are useful, especially 40 models, basically all tube plants have.

In addition to the above three models there are 30,70,80,90,100,120 and other models, these models did not 40,50,60 these common, but do large tube tube factory, 100 The model is definitely there.

Of course, there are some special models, but are custom, and here is not introduced. According to the model of the pipe machine, we combined with the tube to do their own, to know which model of the machine, and know what model of the machine to facilitate the offer.

Stainless steel pipe machine in the pipe, sometimes you may come up with the length of the length of the pipe made out of the situation, then, how is this matter, what circumstances lead, how to solve it? Below, mechanical small series for your Q & A doubts.

Pipe machine to do out of the length of the pipe is different, it should be cut pipe machine where there is a problem, replace the sensor, the re-good size and then put into production. In the process of the system, the operation of the master must always pay attention to the dynamics of the tube, from time to time on the length of the pipe under the need to check the next weld, raw materials, measuring the roundness of the tube and square degrees, Tube of the process, may be noted by a small part of the link, it will lead to the quality of the output of the tube problems, and this is the reason for the existence of operating master. In our lives can be seen everywhere stainless steel tube, then how is the production of stainless steel tube? What is the production of stainless steel pipe made of equipment?

Stainless steel pipe machine is specialized in producing all kinds of stainless steel pipe, stainless steel pipe machine is divided into three kinds according to the use, namely: stainless steel decorative pipe machine, stainless steel pipe machine, high frequency stainless steel pipe machine, different specifications There are high with the standard and the points, you can simply understand these devices.

Stainless steel decorative pipe machine is mainly used for decoration, products, household appliances with stainless steel pipe and carbon pipe production, the requirements of the production of high-tube. For example, we usually see the staircase handrails, anti-theft doors and windows and other decorative stainless steel tube, are made of stainless steel decorative pipe machine equipment production, stainless steel industrial pipe machine is mainly used in the production of industrial stainless steel pipe, the requirements of the production of pipe, Pipe pipe pipe is widely used in automotive exhaust pipe, industrial, engineering category. High-frequency stainless steel pipe machine for the production of iron pipes, water pipes and so on.