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Pipe Making Machine Stainless Steel Industry
Jul 12, 2017

Pipe Making Machine Stainless steel industry

After the baptism of the market in 2015, China's stainless steel industry has once again changed dramatically, the application areas continue to widen, the production mode from the "volume" to "qualitative change", industrial layout "westward northward", production and management into the "characteristics Era ", innovation significantly accelerated. Some stainless steel companies are keenly aware of market opportunities, to look to the prospects of a wide range of new areas of stainless steel pipes in order to further promote the stainless steel pipe market.

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Stainless steel water pipe is the best direct drinking water transport pipe, with health and health, selection stress, durable, high temperature and high pressure, energy saving, wide range of use, economical and practical, saving water and other notable features. Stainless steel can be -270 ~ 400 ℃ temperature long-term safe work, whether it is high temperature environment or low temperature places, will not precipitate harmful substances, material performance is quite stable. Stainless steel water pipe tensile strength greater than 530 MPa, and has good ductility and flexibility. Compared with the copper water pipe, stainless steel water pipe better water, in the case of high flow rate is not easy to corrosion, insulation is also brass 24 times. Japan, Europe and the United States and other developed countries as early as the 20th century, 90 years on the basic realization of the water pipe full of stainless steel, completely solve the drinking water leakage and cleanliness. Pipe machine tube, mold is essential, good mold can make the tube texture more closely, the use of more convenient, not in the short term quality problems, which is very critical, we introduced to you through the method, can So that everyone in the use of pipe machine mold time to learn more common sense.

1. pipe machine in the equipment joints at the time of the joint bolts we can order the equipment, the intensity should be moderate, it is necessary to avoid the joint seam slurry, but also to avoid the deformation of the mold, in order to make the late plug into the outer ring The top, two joints at the top of the two bolts temporarily to avoid tightening, leaving the socket ring in place, and then compensation tight.

2. Pipe machine in the usual maintenance of the time to brush the outer wall of the cleaning machine oil, together, but also in the steel frame joint joint bolts, and pay attention to the steel head do not clip in the joints.

3. Pipe-making machine socket mouth carefully brushing the oil, so that the steamed inside and the tube between the socket space, and will not damage the tube socket. Due to differences in the economic conditions of the various regions of the country, the building requirements are different, all kinds of pipes have a certain market, but the application of developed areas, thin-walled stainless steel pipe use share is gradually expanding, with less developed regional economy The level of improvement, the same will be a certain degree of development and application.

2, direct drinking water pipeline development

According to reports, 138 cities in the country there are 133 sections of the river has been different pollution, 78% of the river is not suitable for drinking water. 50% of the city's groundwater was polluted; about 70% of the country drank contaminated water. With the development of the national economy, the health of drinking water has received more and more attention. As early as 1995, President Jiang Zemin issued the "vigorously develop drinking water projects to improve the quality of drinking water" instructions, since then, direct drinking water industry in China gradually developed, but due to regional economic level, developed in the domestic development of urban comparison Rapid, less developed areas of development is relatively slow.

February 2017, the Ministry of Construction issued a new "urban water quality standards", put forward higher drinking water indicators. March 2017 industry standard "pipeline straight drinking water system technical regulations" (CJJ 110-2006) began to implement. The implementation of these two standards has greatly promoted the large-scale development of drinking water industry. By 2017, the direct drinking water industry has grown to an annual output of nearly 10 billion market, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other developed areas of direct drinking water penetration rate has reached 10%, medium cities are also actively implemented or planning. It is estimated that the domestic direct drinking water market capacity of 1,000 billion, according to direct drinking water pipeline accounted for 15% of the proportion of direct drinking water market, thin-walled stainless steel accounted for 65% of the proportion of direct drinking water market, about 100 billion market.

In the direct drinking water pipeline, thin-walled stainless steel pipe with its health, beautiful, high strength, cost-effective performance is undoubtedly second to none.

3, domestic alternative import a broad future

Domestic thin-walled stainless steel pipe to promote the application, was replaced by the trend of imported pipelines. At present, the domestic thin-walled stainless steel pipe and pipe production, the use of a gradual upward trend in production technology has also been a certain degree of improvement. Localization to reduce the use of cost, and promote the improvement of technical capacity, so that thin-walled stainless steel pipe can be accepted for the national conditions, alternative import pipeline is the inevitable development of the future is very broad.