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Pipe Making Machine The Weld Is Flattened
Sep 25, 2017

Pipe Making Machine The weld is flattened

Brief introduction of pipe machine

First, consolidate the end product

Mid-range products are those who need to have a certain technology, talent to ensure the quality of the pipe, these products have a certain technical content, such as food hygiene management, automotive exhaust pipe, heat exchanger tube.

1, food hygiene management

The food hygiene pipe is reworked on the basis of a general pipe for fluid delivery. It requires leveling of the welds in the pipe and then polishing the inner wall of the pipe. After the polishing, the inner weld There is no obstruction in the flow of the tube, not due to poor circulation caused by liquid residue in the pipeline on the formation of food contamination.

The quality of the weld in the food hygiene tube is particularly important, on the one hand to ensure that the entire pipe welding, on the other hand the entire 6-meter-long pipe weld is not allowed to have a little bit of welding less than the base metal, By leveling the polishing, the last will leave a pit, then this is a pit of the pipe is a substandard goods, can only be used as a decorative tube, and can not be used as a food hygiene tube. From this point of view, food hygiene pipe in the welding on the higher requirements, than the decorative tube on a new level.

2, car exhaust decorative tube

Automotive exhaust pipe with the most common material is 409L, most foreign cars and other plants are using this material to produce automotive exhaust pipe. As far as I know, a domestic joint venture brand of Japanese cars, the use of exhaust pipe from the Japanese production of 409L material welded pipe, transported to China and then processed into a car exhaust device. This shows that the Japanese car manufacturers in order to support the Japanese economy, on the other hand that the pipe has a certain technical requirements, the Japanese auto plant on China's welded pipe does not trust.

Automobile exhaust device in the processing process, the need for repeated bending of the pipe, flaring, necking and other processing, if the weld is slightly defective, it will cause a burst. General car will have about three years warranty period, the warranty period, all the exhaust device part of the failure, all by the exhaust pipe device manufacturer is responsible for. This makes the exhaust device manufacturers in the choice of pipe manufacturers when very cautious, only those who have a certain technical conditions of the manufacturers to supply.