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Pipe Making Machine Through The Flat Sheet
Aug 09, 2017

Pipe Making Machine Through the flat sheet

Water pipe pipe machine - the difference between pipe and seamless pipe

    Today to tell you about the difference between welded pipe and seamless tube.

 The first is mainly the molding process is different. Ordinary steel pipes, such as tap water pipes, are usually welded by bending the plate, and you can find a weld on it; the thicker diameter is generally a spiral weld. The seamless steel pipe is generally the molten state of the molten steel through the annular slit out of the back and then by stretching and other processing technology molding, so there is no weld. Stainless steel pipe machine, water pipe pipe machine, stainless steel decorative pipe control machine

    In terms of performance, especially in the pressure capacity than ordinary steel pipe has greatly improved, so often used for high pressure equipment. Such as piping connections for hydraulic equipment. The ordinary steel pipe weld part of its weak links, weld quality is also affecting its overall performance of the main factors. People living in the north have generally had a water pipe or heating pipe in the winter was frozen explosion experience, the explosion is generally the place where the weld. The pipe is not a seamless pipe. Stainless steel pipe machine, water pipe pipe machine, stainless steel decorative pipe control machine.

Want to make the machine longer life, not only to buy good quality, late maintenance also played a very significant role. The following Xiaobian give you a share of the maintenance experience of the system.

       1, often check the oil tank on the oil level, oil surface shall not be lower than the specified value.

       2, fine oil filter is blocked when the dirt need to be replaced; coarse filter plug should be promptly cleaned, 3 months time.

       3, to the tank refueling, must be filtered, the oil can not be mixed with water, rust, metal chips and fiber and other impurities.

       4, in the winter or cold areas to start the pump, it should open and stop, repeat several times, so that the oil temperature rise, until the hydraulic pump station to run flexible and then work.

       5, hydraulic pump on all the knobs, non-operating personnel shall not tamper with.

       6, often observe the power supply voltage is not normal fluctuations, and every 3 months or so maintenance time.

In fact, the latter part of the correct maintenance of the pipe machine, pipe machine for the good degree and life are essential. So, we must insist on maintenance ah.