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Pipe Making Machine Tube Range
Sep 30, 2017

Pipe Making Machine Tube range

When you buy a pipe machine, do you worry about how to install the problem? Do not worry now, because high-quality suppliers tend to provide installation and commissioning services, a great extent to help you catch the production schedule. Now the more important question is whether you know enough about stainless steel pipe machine, is it enough to know which supplier of stainless steel pipe machine is good?

Installation problems do not worry, the most important thing is to understand the performance characteristics of stainless steel pipe machine, so as to maximize the benefits of pipe machine to make your money worth it. Tell us that the main stainless steel pipe machine has three major features:

1. Stable performance. The stability of the machine is one of the important criteria for judging the quality of stainless steel pipe machine. The more stable the machine it is in the production of the probability of the problem will be less, we can see the stability is very important.

2. High precision pipe. Stainless steel pipe machine tube precision and stainless steel welded pipe mold has a close contact, with stable performance of the machine is not high precision, good wear resistance of the pipe mold parts, production efficiency will have to be improved.

3. Pipe-making range, to meet the general purpose of the tube.

The use and characteristics of stainless steel pipe machine:

Stainless steel pipe machine is mainly used for stainless steel and carbon rigid profiles (round pipe, square tube, shaped tube, composite pipe) continuous molding process, after unwinding, molding, welding, welding, sizing, Cutting and other processes produced. This process is characterized by continuous production, high efficiency, less material waste, low production costs. Stainless steel pipe production line mainly by the loading frame, the host, cutting machine, finished four components of the composition. Host by the bed, feed guide Kun, Ping Kun stent, weld grinding head, straight frame, worm gear box, the main drag motor and electronic control system, water cooling system and other components.

Stainless steel pipe machine structural features:

1. The unit has two kinds of electrical equipment, one is to use frequency control, and the other using AC electromagnetic speed.

2. Using frequency control technology, speed sensitive high speed, smooth speed, low noise, less power loss.

3. The molding machine and the sizing are driven by a motor, compact structure, simple maintenance, lifting, installation and easy operation.

4. The use of cross-joint joint transmission, transmission twisted huge, long life, neat, beautiful, lightweight.

5. Horizontal rack is the transmission frame, the worm gear box and coupling drive. Between the worm gear box and the motor with a 4-speed gearbox (1 reverse), so that the unit operation more convenient, rolling more stable movement.

6. Horizontal rack for the two-Kun-side side of the Kun-style bracket, when the need for change Kun, the release of the outer bearing fixing bolts, pull out the lateral support, side for Kun, simple and convenient. The adjustment of the rack on both sides of the separate, flexible, convenient, high precision.

7. Li Kun in the base can be at the same time or individually for the horizontal direction of the adjustment, can also be adjusted for the vertical direction, more convenient, rolling Kun bearings using rolling bearings.

8. The lifting frame adopts the rotatable parallel four-link cantilever double drum mechanism, which can be used to roll up and take the belt during the working process of the unit, which can reduce the preparation time and make the unit can not be produced continuously.

9. The first two welds 4 The centerline of the spindle of the grinding machine is +/- 45 angle from the center line of the rolling and can be adjusted. The welds are drilled in two directions from the staggered side. Center and rolling center line was 90 degrees angle on the weld straight grinding, so that the polishing effect is better.