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Pipe Making Machine Weld Line
Oct 17, 2017

Pipe Making Machine Weld line

There are two methods of production of oil casing, one is hot-rolled seamless steel pipe, one is the use of welded pipe equipment for welding production, but if it is to use pipe equipment to produce oil casing, then there will be a casing Weld, so when using pipe equipment to produce oil casing when it is necessary to pay attention to some. The following is a simple analysis of the need to pay attention to the problem. Stainless steel pipe machine, stainless steel decorative pipe control machine

The first thing to note is the weld gray spots, the weld gray spots are present in the weld line at the plane of the defect, the weld gray spots defects will affect the mechanical properties of oil casing, and will produce weld The reasons for the gray spots in addition to the reasons for their own base metal, but also with the welding temperature, welding speed and so on, so in the welding process must strictly control the welding quality. And by the heat treatment of the weld can reduce the probability of the occurrence of weld gray spots. Stainless steel pipe machine, stainless steel decorative pipe control machine

The second thing to note is the strength and toughness of the weld. The welds of the welded pipe equipment are in addition to the ductile tubing of the base metal, and are affected by the welding process. Therefore, when the welding equipment is well controlled In the bright line width, streamline angle can be significantly improved oil casing weld toughness. Professional pipe machine manufacturer, pipe machine manufacturers

The third need to pay attention to the problem of the weld there is groove corrosion, for this situation can choose to use the thermal tension reduction method to reduce the sensitivity of groove corrosion, welding in the appropriate time to add alloy elements to improve the weld Area of the groove corrosion. The choice of stainless steel pipe machine must not be taken lightly. Excellent manufacturers, in order to provide you with high-quality equipment, followed by Xiaobian to understand the following selection criteria:

1, manufacturing materials. Raw materials are stainless steel pipe machine is the fundamental, even the materials are used bad, what to ensure the quality of equipment.

2, stability. The better the stainless steel pipe machine, the higher its yield will be, the choice of equipment, can not ignore this point.

3, service. Intimate pre-sale, after-sales service, investors choose stainless steel pipe machine manufacturers an important choice of standards, it can help investors solve difficult problems. One-stop service system, follow the market changes, and continuously meet customer needs. Pipe system tube, mold is essential, good mold can make the tube texture more closely, the use of more convenient, not in the short term quality problems, which is very critical, we introduced to you through the method, can So that everyone in the use of pipe machine mold time to learn more common sense.

1. Pipe machine in the equipment joints at the time of connecting the bolt we can order the equipment, the intensity should be moderate, it is necessary to avoid joint seam slurry, but also to avoid the deformation of the mold, in order to make the late plug The top of the two joints at the top of the two bolts temporarily to avoid tightening, leaving the socket ring in place, and then compensation tight.