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Pipe Welding Machine Cleanliness Requirements
Sep 25, 2017

Pipe Welding Machine Cleanliness requirements

Weld pipe equipment production requirements to know how much?

  1, pipe fittings pipe elongation is usually about 4-5MM, otherwise it will cause defects, this is particularly important.

   2, the tube and tube board first to polish the shiny. So that the production of the pipe equipment was even better.

 3, the cleanliness of the pipe equipment requirements should be high, otherwise there will be pores. Affect the quality of welding.

What are the main applications of pipe welding machine?

     1, mainly used in the automotive industry: for car exhaust system. The exhaust pipe of the car, the requirements of the weld is very high, generally according to customer requirements to determine whether the internal level and light solid solution.

2, petrochemical industry: the demand for stainless steel pipe is still very large, the specific application in: material delivery pipe, heat exchanger tube and other places.

On the current China's welded pipe and welded pipe unit industry, it should be said that a long-term industry, countries and people need such an industry! 2017-02-22 Hits: 253

Weld pipe equipment determines the merits of the steel pipe welding is perfect, for different steel use of different welding process, then what welding process? Selection of different welding processes, pipe performance and pipe production efficiency will also be affected.

1. High frequency resistance welding:

 The use of high-frequency current skin effect and proximity effects, the rapid heating of the edge of the tube to melt to the molten state, squeeze the role of extrusion in the extrusion of metal to achieve welding method.

2. Submerged arc welding:

Method of Arc Welding by Welding Arc under Flux Coverage. The molten metal bath is solidified into a weld under the protection of the solder coating, and the flux molten layer is cooled to cover the outer surface of the weld.

3. Tungsten inert gas shielded welding (TIG):

The use of pure tungsten or activated tungsten (thorium tungsten, cerium tungsten, etc.) as the electrode of inert gas protection welding into a tungsten inert gas shielded welding, the English referred to as TIG welding. It is under the protection of inert gas, the use of tungsten electrode and welding between the arc heat generated by the parent metal and filler welding wire welding method.

4 Melting inert gas shielded welding (GMAW):

Use welding wire for the melting electrode of inert gas shielded welding.

High-frequency welding equipment in the welding process is an important part, as also Xiao He defeated Xiao He, the advantages and disadvantages of steel products is the welding process. Choose the appropriate welding process, coupled with the crown of the high-frequency welded pipe unit, will be your enterprise's steel products to achieve better quality.