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Pipe Welding Machine Main Application
Sep 04, 2017

Pipe Welding Machine main application

Weld pipe machine to focus on what parts of the lubrication repair?

When you choose a welded pipe unit, in the use of the process you have not maintained the pipe unit? Proper maintenance of the welded pipe unit can effectively improve its service life, the following we have a pipe manufacturer to tell you how to maintain the pipe unit The

First of all, in the process of using the welded pipe unit, we recommend that you regularly lubricate the gears. First, the gears are more likely to be damaged, so the loosening phenomenon is very high, so if these parts There is noise, then you need to be timely lubrication, and then according to the vibration to make appropriate adjustments.

Second, there is also a need for inspection between the slider and the guide rail of the welded pipe unit, and it is necessary to check the lubrication of the joint part and its piping to ensure its good operation.

Of course, the use of welded pipe units in the process also need to balance the cylinder action and its oil lubrication system oil, joints, etc. to test the main application of pipe welding machine in the industry which?

    The rapid development of the national economy, but also led to the vigorous progress of other industries in the machinery manufacturing has made great progress, the application of the pipe machine industry has become more extensive, many of the daily life of the industry are closely related with the pipe machine industry, then What are the main applications of the pipe industry?

1, the automotive industry: for automotive exhaust system. Car exhaust pipe, the weld requirements are high, generally according to customer requirements to determine whether the internal level and light solid solution.

2, petrochemical industry: the demand for stainless steel pipe is still very large, specifically used in: material delivery pipe, heat exchanger tube.

On the current China's welded pipe industry, it should be said that a long-term industry, countries and people need such an industry!

In the process of national development, the demand for steel is growing, so the proportion of steel in the production process of steel is growing. Pipe production can be divided into two major categories, one is seamless pipe, the main use of rolling, extrusion and pull the way of production.