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Pipe Welding Machine Maintenance And Repair
Oct 26, 2017

Pipe Welding Machine Maintenance and repair

Mechanical equipment and people, have their own life, the use of the process which will be sick, have a fragile side, so the necessary care for it is very important, the same reason, only a good welded pipe Equipment, to be able to use more long-term, the efficiency of production will be higher, and Xiaobian and then understand the relevant maintenance focus on it, hope for your future use can be helpful:

Why do we care for pipe equipment?

1, is to understand the maintenance and repair, you need to know what the general failure of pipe equipment, and the traditional friction is not the same, such equipment is also subject to high pressure, high temperature, and sometimes will be corroded Influence, and the traditional machinery and equipment, more need for maintenance.

2, mainly for the screw samples tailored to use a linear vibration of the arrangement device, a good guarantee of the equipment is accurate.

3, square tube machine with intelligent temperature control equipment, shape is very beautiful, the efficiency of packaging is very high.

4, within the scope of the rated work, the pipe can be stepless adjustment, a good amount of position set up downtime.

5, the noise is quite small, in terms of environmental protection has reached the relevant national standards. If there is such a defect, it will have a great impact on the equipment, metal oxide melting in the V-shaped mouth, if found in the edge of the steel pipe pipe has a smaller than the melting speed, melting speed is relatively fast, The vertex of the mouth, and then formed a dense metal sector containing molten metal sector, these molten gold

And metal oxides, usually after normal use, the case of extrusion can not be properly discharged, and the formation of a mixed band. The weld of the pipe is cracked after crushing, and if the weld is found at the location of the weld fracture. Inclusions and weld fibrous fissures are compared, the fracture is very flat, no metallic luster. Such defects may also be given to chain-like "oxides" and are not very defective.

Under the general couple, burr or rust will fall, the formation of the bridge before the vertex, it will cause a short circuit of the pipe machine to cause the current beating phenomenon. Welded pipe units can be so widely used with its own advantages are inseparable. Weld pipe unit industry development so quickly, in order to be invincible, you need to improve the quality of the production of welded pipe unit, do a good job of pipe commissioning and routine maintenance work. Then the daily maintenance and commissioning of the pipe unit to pay attention to what?

In general, the development of welded pipe units must comply with the safe operating procedures, the operator in the operation of the unit must not be in contact with the mold, but also pay attention to the handle on the direction of the outlet, to avoid improper operation of their own health and safety impact The In addition, the operator of the welded pipe unit should pay attention to checking whether the lubricating points of the unit are lubricated in place. Otherwise, pay attention to the addition of some lubricating oil to ensure the normal operation and operation of the unit. Weld pipe unit use process should pay attention to the use of some high temperature synthetic aluminum composite grease, so as to avoid damage to the welded pipe unit.