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Pipe Welding Machine Strong Continuity
Aug 09, 2017

Pipe Welding Machine Strong continuity

We will encounter some problems in the use of welded pipe machine in daily life. The production of welded pipe is characterized by strong continuity, high efficiency and low cost. At the same time, the production of raw material strip is developing rapidly, and the pipe machine occupies the whole pipe The proportion is getting bigger and bigger.

Frequently Asked Questions: Induction Circle, Casting of Electrode.

Whether it is induction ring or electrode, and sometimes in a moment by a strong current burning red fever, if not closed in time high-frequency current output, it will be burned and open circuit phenomenon, causing other electrical accidents.

First, the water cooling induction coil and the electrode of the red melting phenomenon and the effect of water cooling has a great relationship. When a part of the induction ring hole, the cooling water will be diverted, so that the induction ring in the work can not be timely and effective cooling, and was burned red melt.

Second, poor contact, will lead to circuit conduction is not smooth, local large current, rapid warming, red burning phenomenon.

The welding process of the welded pipe unit is open-book, pinch, straightening, shearing, guiding, butt welding, loom, medium, the process can be said to be complex and changeable, Pipe Machinery Co., Ltd. to talk to you The first three steps of the welding process of the welded pipe unit:

1, in the coil after a good positioning, the opening and closing of the cone can be inserted inside the coil at the same time the rotation, the lead to the inside of the clip roller, clip roller roll down, steel car and magnetic roller can return to In situ.

2, in order to allow the spring steel can be accurately on the run, before the opening of the coil can move the overall axial movement + 150mm. After the uncoiler is started, the strip passes through the pinch roller to reach the straightening machine with the dust removal device installed.

3, the straightening of the spring steel with a sliding hydraulic shear on the strip of the head and tail shear (cut down with a steel head can immediately slide into the waste box inside, cut the steel tail can be used to collect the output device online Outside the special collection box).