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Pipe Welding Machine Use Of Welded Pipe Mould
Sep 14, 2017

Pipe Welding Machine Use of welded pipe mould

Purpose and characteristics of stainless steel welder and stainless steel welded pipe

One. Summary:

You are welcome to use stainless steel pipe welding machine, our company is one of the biggest stainless steel welded pipe and stainless steel welded pipe mold, polishing machine, compound machine and other equipment one of the professional manufacturers of stainless steel production line. People after years of unremitting efforts and individuation to research, produce the tube machine and mold, solve the frequent strain in the pipe, wrinkling, nail grain to wait for a phenomenon, so that the brand pipe-maling machine and mold is an important role in the market. With the "scientific, rigorous and innovative" work style, the company pursues the enterprise philosophy of "winning by technology and improving", and keeps forging ahead. With keen market sense to explore the latest information, to market demand as the guidance, take the customer as the center, with the first-class products, first-class service for the stainless steel industry greater contributions to the development and prosperity, and warmly welcome the social people from all walks of life to inquire business negotiations.

Two. Purpose and features

BC series tube machine is mainly used for stainless steel and carbon just profiles (round tube, square tube, pipe, pipe) continuous molding process, after volume, molding, argon arc welding, weld grinding, sizing straightening, scale cutting processes such as production and into. This process is characterized by continuous production, high efficiency, low material waste and low production cost.

The production line of BC series pipe machine is mainly composed of upper feeding frame, main engine, cutting machine and finished frame.

The main engine consists of the bed, feeding guide, roller, roller support, welding head, straightening frame, worm gear reducer, main drag motor and electric control system, water cooling system etc. The mechanical equipment of welded pipe shall be equipped with crane, shovel and other lifting equipment or rollers to the designated place. When using a crane, the cable must be over 5 tons. Hang four hooks on the cable when hoisting. Be careful not to contact the equipment directly to avoid damaging the paint and parts.

In order to make the machine working smoothly and precisely, the machine must be placed in a solid, on the basis of forming machine before the anchor bolt, must use level in vertical and horizontal adjustment in both directions, making machine workbench level, and to ensure that the flat bed before and after the kun bearing in a straight line, workbench level error is not more than 0.04 mm, flat kun bearing position error is not greater than 0.01 mm. Adjust the alignment of the alignment of the bolt, and then place the anchor bolts evenly.