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Precautions for use of elevator speed governor
Dec 23, 2016

Precautions for use of elevator speed governor


⑴ clean speed limiter, if necessary, to re-paint, and pay attention to clear the bearing and oil holes on the excess paint. 

⑵ Check and adjust the speed limiter on the electrical switch or contact claws. 

⑶ lubrication speed limit on the bearings, gears, pins, springs, to make it flexible and reliable.

⑷ installed all the cover, shield, with the lack of the nuts, screws. 

⑸ adjust and ensure that the speed limiter rope and the gap between the pressure block.

⑹ clean, replace, adjust or truncate the speed limiter wire rope.

(7) When adjusting the speed limiter should be sealed paint and record the test date.


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