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Preparations for maintenance and repair of elevators
Feb 13, 2017

Preparations for maintenance and repair of elevators

      3.1.1 When the lift is undergoing maintenance, it shall be carried out by two persons or more, and the "maintenance-in-service" sign shall be put in the obvious place of the car or the entrance. In this case,

      3.1.2 Let the unrelated personnel leave the car or other maintenance work site, close the hall door, can not close the hall door, the need to use the appropriate gate to block the entrance to prevent unrelated personnel into the elevator. In this case,

      3.1.3 maintenance of electrical equipment, the general should be cut off the power supply or take appropriate security measures. In this case,

      3.1.4 a person doing maintenance work in the car roof, you must press the car roof emergency stop button on the maintenance box, or pull the safety gear linkage switch, shut the door, hanging in the control box, "people in the car Top, not allowed to tamper with "signs. 

      3.1.5 When entering the pit maintenance, the emergency stop switch in the pit maintenance box should be disconnected first, or the broken wire switch of the speed limiter device should be disconnected. In this case,

      3.1.6 When entering the car top maintenance, first of all safety gear switch or car top of the emergency stop switch box disconnect.

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