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Production Status and Application Status of C Type Steel in China
Nov 21, 2016

Production Status and Application Status of C Type Steel in China

      Domestic cold-formed steel with an annual output of about 20,000 tons, accounting for 45% of the total amount of steel, the variety specifications of about 300 kinds. Cold forming unit, metallurgy system sets, plus China First Automobile Group and Dongfeng Motor Corporation and other manufacturers in the community, a total of more than 50 sets, in addition to several sets of introduction of the unit, there are many equipment has been obsolete,(1、) the domestic cold in the product structure, the conventional product is not fully supporting, simple off more and more complex, the product is not the number of products, but the quality is not high enough; (2、) material is mainly carbon steel and alloy steel, stainless steel, corrosion-resistant plating (coated) layer of steel, weathering steel, such as the use of less; (3、) forming automotive parts processing technology is also Very imperfect. 

      In this case,at present, China First Automobile Group Corporation, Dongfeng Motor Company can produce cars, under the border steel and cold corrugated board floor, for their respective trucks. BJ 1 30 light truck compartment with the inner edge of the channel, ranging from side channel for the bottom beam, with the upper and lower sides of the steel side of the car frame, are 2.5m m thick. Hubei JT GGZ (A), E K90C10 and other passenger cars use the thickness of 1.5 to 4mm rectangular tube for passenger car at the end of beam and skeleton, instead of the original stamping parts and seamless pipe, so that the original seven processes reduced by four And reduce the three sets of mold, stiffness increased by twice, to improve the strength of passenger cars, materials 25% (ie 0.3 t / car). B J1 2 2 type, Jinbei brand van and Dawn brand off-road vehicles, are made of h-type cold-formed thin-walled steel door frame to lower the material consumption, improve the window frame stiffness and strength to ensure good door Of the seal, so that the appearance of exquisite car.

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