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Prospect of cold - formed steel in China
Oct 28, 2016

Prospect of cold - formed steel in China

      Cold-formed steel varieties and quantity can not meet the market demand.At present, China's production of cold-formed steel varieties and quantity, and market demand there are gaps, many users need to be developed products. In the product structure adjustment, the cold-formed steel in the proportion of the total output of steel should also be gradually increased. Some of the existing technical equipment is difficult to adapt to multi-species and high-quality products, production needs. Although China has introduced a number of advanced technology level of cold-formed steel unit equipment, but most of the many units of the low level of equipment, supporting not perfect, it is difficult to adapt to multi-species and high-quality products, production requirements.

      "Cold-formed steel national standards to be further standardized.Currently, both the production of cold-formed steel range of varieties, production technology, or production equipment, conditions and user requirements, etc., than ever before has changed a lot, so The current national standard cold-formed steel has been unable to fully meet the needs, thus limiting the number of cold-formed steel to promote the application and product quality improvement.Therefore, the cold-formed steel GB to be further modified and improved.

      Cold-formed steel products on the deep processing of the degree of attention is not enough. In other words, the domestic production of cold-formed steel manufacturers are mostly cold-formed steel products, the lack of further processing. On the one hand, users feel the use of cold-formed steel inconvenience, higher prices, and sales market is difficult to expand; the other hand, also limited the development of cold-formed steel production and technology improvement. Especially in today's market economy, if the company's products can not meet the needs of users, do not have strong competitiveness.                                                   


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