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Repair and maintenance of elevator traction machine
Dec 20, 2016

Repair and maintenance of elevator traction machine

⑴ clean traction machine and motor, if necessary, re-paint. 

⑵ to prevent leakage of traction machine, if necessary, replace the oil seal. 

In this case,

(3) refueling to the required oil level, contaminated oil should be replaced, the replacement must use the specified gear oil. 

⑷ adjust or replace the thrust bearing. 

⑸ check the gear meshing status and gap, if necessary, adjust or replace. 

⑹ open the brake, clean, lubricate and adjust the mechanical part, if necessary, replace the worn accessories. 

⑺ Clear the brake pin on the paint, and to lubricate. 

(8) Replace the worn or impregnated brake shoes.

⑼ lubrication traction machine all the bearings, and for fuel records. 

⑽ Make sure that the blower or the radiator on the motor is operating properly. 

⑾ replace the damage or sound too much traction machine bearings. 

⑿ appropriate correction motor and traction machine centerline.

⒀ calibration fixed traction machine on the encoder, sensors, etc., and timely replacement.

(14) Check the running noise of the traction unit. 

⒂ check the motor set, the gap between the rotor. 

⒃ Check and replace the damping pads at the bottom of the traction machine. 

⒄ Check the traction machine and guide wheel wear, if necessary, be replaced. 

⒅ Check to clean and lubricate the rope. 

⒆ Cut or replace the hoisting rope.

⒇ Check and lubricate all guide wheels.

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