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Responsibility System of Elevator Maintenance Personnel
Feb 09, 2017

Responsibility System of Elevator Maintenance Personnel

      2.4.1 Elevator maintenance personnel shall be subject to safety and technical training, and pass the examination, the local Quality and Technical Supervision departments issued by the "special operations permit" before induction, no operation permit are not allowed to operate;

      2.4.2 on the work of a serious and responsible, do a good job elevator daily, regular maintenance, to ensure that equipment operation rate of 98% or more.

      2.4.3 do shift shift work, carefully look at the shift log, to understand the operation of the last group, do not take the elevator to run sick. 

      2.4.4 conscientiously implement the safe operation of the elevator. 2.4.5 should be done to shift: before the shift class to do a good job car and the Office of the clean and hygiene work, fill in the routine inspection and use of elevator records. handover should be handover, in case of successor did not arrive. The shift person shall not leave without permission, should ask the leadership to send people to take over. If the end of the class, the car will be parked in the base station, the operating key switch screwed to the disabled position, and fans, lights turn off, close the car door and hall door and locked in order to leave . efforts to learn the operation of technical and safety knowledge, and continuously improve the operational level.

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