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Russian elevator market development
Feb 27, 2017

Russian elevator market development

     According to the Russian Moscow Authority data analysis, because many residential buildings in Moscow is built during the Soviet Union, the building equipped with elevators and other public equipment, disrepair and technical obsolete, there are many security risks in a timely manner After repair is also difficult to ensure safe use.

      As of January 1, 2010, the entire residential buildings in Moscow, there are more than 128,000 elevators in use, but more than 30,000 of which have exceeded the useful life, are overdue service. In view of this, the Russian market is vacant, but also has great potential to be developed. With the Russian economy and real estate industry development, the elevator industry also showed an upward trend. Russian elevator main consumer is engaged in housing construction and transformation of the construction and investment companies, the proportion of these two companies accounted for 60%. Plus transportation facilities (railway stations, airports) and industrial construction industry, construction and investment companies, accounting for a total of 68% of the total consumption of the elevator. 

       In the Russian elevator market, the proportion of imported products is about 30%. In recent years, the total import of Russian elevators is about 170 million US dollars. Survey data show that most of the imported elevators from France, the proportion of about 30%; followed by Finland, accounting for about 28%; South Korea accounted for 16%, Germany and China accounted for 16%, other countries share a total of not More than 10%.

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