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Safe operating procedures for elevators
Dec 28, 2016

Safe operating procedures for elevators

1.1, the occupant or driver to open the elevator door to enter the car before the first to confirm the elevator car is parked in the layer, which is vital to personal safety;

1.2, open the car lighting and open the car in accordance with the needs of fans;

1.3, before starting work, should start the elevator, the next test run several times to observe and determine the elevator door, door, safety touch device, layer selection, start, run, speed, flat landing, signal registration and cancellation , Upper and lower limit safety devices such as performance and role is normal, with or without abnormal impact noise and noise, to determine no abnormalities before use. This work can be carried out by the management of the elevator without driver's working condition.

1.4, layer door closed, outside the floor should not be opened by hand dial. When the car door is not completely closed, the elevator should not start running;

1.5, leveling accuracy should be no significant change (in the flat position ± 15 mm); 1.6, should always clean the car, the door and passengers visible part of the door.

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