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Safety Management of Elevator
Jan 10, 2017


Safety Management of Elevator

  2.1, should attach great importance to the safe use of elevator management, establish and adhere to the implementation of the safe operation of elevator management rules and regulations;

  2.2, a driver-controlled elevator must be equipped with a full-time driver of the job certificate; no driver-controlled elevator, must be equipped with management personnel, in addition to the driver and management personnel, but also according to the specific circumstances of the unit with full-time maintenance personnel, maintenance personnel must After professional training and remain relatively stable;

  2.3, drivers, managers, maintenance personnel found that there are insecurity elevator operation, should take timely measures to stop using;

  2.4, the elevator stopped more than a week to re-use, should be carefully checked before use and commissioning before being put into use;

  2.5, all electrical equipment, elevator metal shell, must take protective grounding device, in addition to GBJ232-82 should comply with the requirements of the grounding of the other parts should be consistent with the SDJ8-76 " Power equipment grounding design technical regulations "requirement, will never allow the use of zero line, water pipe, gas pipe and other alternative grounding protection;

  2.6, the room temperature must be in the range of +5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃, relative humidity less than 90% (25 ℃);

  2.7, the engine room building must use the entity does not produce dust particles of material manufacturing; 

  2.8, in the room of the people easily accessible location should be equipped with fire fighting facilities;

  2.9. Outside the landing doors, the natural or artificial lighting of the landing shall be not less than 50LEX on the ground so that the operator can see the front even if the car lighting fails when the landing door is opened.

  2.10, in the layer outside the door, should be set up foam or dry powder fire extinguishing facilities;

  2.11, the working conditions of the elevator, technical status should be consistent with the technical documents and the elevator industry, the relevant provisions of the standard.

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