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Safety rules for elevator maintenance
Dec 27, 2016

Safety rules for elevator maintenance

1、 all the formal induction staff must be familiar with the maintenance, maintenance personnel safety procedures; 2, where the posts on the right to use protective equipment.

3, elevator maintenance should be to repair the speed of running the elevator, after maintenance to the normal speed test, the staff should be evacuated, Maintenance site or standing in a safe location;

4, maintenance, maintenance work should be carried out by at least two licensees;

5, work must wear good work clothes, wear insulated shoes, slippers, high heels or barefoot operation.

6, the lift in the maintenance or repair operations prohibited during the passenger;

7, elevator maintenance, are generally not allowed to live work, if it must live work, there should be guardians, and a reliable security measures.

8, is strictly prohibited at the same time in the engine room, car, sedan, pit any two parts at the same time repair and maintenance work.

9, non-drink operation. 

10, under normal circumstances must confirm the elevator shaft, car roof, and no car after the restoration of the elevator can be normal operation.

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