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Standard Practice for Safe Operation of Elevator Maintenance Personnel
Dec 30, 2016

Standard Practice for Safe Operation of Elevator Maintenance Personnel

3.1, maintenance, maintenance of the safety of the elevator before the preparatory work;

3.1.1, car or layer at the door of the obvious place, should be linked to "maintenance disabled" warning signs;

3.1.2, so that unrelated personnel to leave the elevator repair workplace, close the door; can not close the door, the need to use the appropriate gate to block the entrance to prevent unrelated personnel into the elevator. In this case,

3.1.3, in the maintenance of electrical equipment, the general should be cut off the total power supply or take appropriate security measures; 3.1.4, in the car top to do the elevator maintenance work, you must press the car top of the emergency stop button on the maintenance box, Layer door, and in the car control panel to hang "people in the car top, are not allowed to tamper with!" Warning signs. In this case,

3.2, elevator maintenance, maintenance work safety rules and regulations

3.2.1, to the movable part of the fuel, cleaning or observation of the wear surface of the rope, you should first turn off the elevator's total power;

3.2.2, maintenance personnel in the car roof ready to start the elevator to observe the work of the elevator parts, the car must be on the beams or protective fence and other components, can not hold the rope, and pay attention to the whole body placed outside the car Frame size, to prevent other sports parts bruise. By the car driver or other maintenance personnel to open the elevator, it is necessary to explain, with good, without the permission of the top car are not allowed to start the elevator;

3.2.3, in a number of elevators share a hoist case, the maintenance of the elevator should be more careful, in addition to the attention of the elevator, but also pay attention to the dynamics of other elevators to prevent scratching. In this case,

3.2.4, is strictly prohibited in the shaft, car roof and car smoking and the use of open flame;

3.2.5, maintenance of electrical parts, should be avoided as far as possible live work, must be charged or difficult to completely cut off the power supply operation, there should be security measures, and assistants in coordination;

3.2.6, the use of working hand lamp must be equipped with protective cover, the use of power for the 36VAC below;

3.2.7, is strictly prohibited maintenance personnel in the case of elevator power station standing on the floor, car door area with the Ministry of long maintenance operations;

3.2.8, into the pit maintenance, the pit should be on the repair box emergency stop switch or speed limiter tension device disconnect broken wire switch;

3.2.9, other unfinished matters can refer to the elevator industry national relevant standards.

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