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The elevator industry in Chinas market demand
Dec 15, 2016

The elevator industry in China's market demand

      China's large population base, despite the rapid growth of elevator production, China's elevator market demand is far from saturation level. China's per capita possession of elevators is still only half of the world average, compared with developed countries is only 1 / 10-1 / 20, with the gradual recovery of China's economy, China's urbanization in the context of accelerated construction, China in the future for a long time will continue to be the world's largest elevator market. 

      Overall, China's rapid economic development and urbanization process continues to promote the growth of demand for the main driving force. Due to the impact of national policy, the recent real estate investment growth will slow down, but the "12 5" 36 million units during the protection of housing construction will enhance the demand for elevators, while a large number of public infrastructure, energy saving replacement and Exports will promote the production of our elevator. By 2015, China's elevator production is expected to exceed 75 million units / year, its conservative growth rate of 20% or so. The future of China's elevator will maintain a rapid growth. In recent years, government procurement projects have become a new growth point of the elevator market. Government projects are mainly concentrated in the areas of public transportation and infrastructure construction, and the investment is relatively large. This has opened a new situation for the development of the elevator industry.

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