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The history of cold forming machine
Nov 04, 2016

The history of cold forming machine


      The application of cold-formed products first began in the 19th century in the United States. With the construction machinery manufacturing, vehicle manufacturing and other industrial sectors of the rapid development of cold roll forming mill came into being. This unit was first manufactured by the United States in 1910 and applied for a patent, the English name is Roll forming. As the cold-formed steel with hot-rolled steel unparalleled advantages, the production and application of cold-formed steel in the 20th century has been rapid development, to 80 years, only the United States has more than 18,000 production lines, more than 350 cold-formed steel Million tons. 

      In China, from the late 50's cold-formed units since the beginning of construction, experienced a twists and turns of development and adjustment process, to 1982, only 1.6 million tons of output. So far, cold bending technology is mainly based on empirical knowledge, rely on trial and error method, access to the law of cold bending technology at home and abroad, only a handful of monographs, production technology is classified as know-how key and do not want to publish. In China nearly 30 years, cold-formed products are mainly used in construction, automobile manufacturing, mining machinery manufacturing, agricultural machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding and transportation, power industry, instrumentation, containers, textile machinery, highway, metal shelves, civilian Electrical appliances and daily necessities manufacturing, and other fields.

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