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The Influence of Cold Bending Technology in Construction Industry
Nov 11, 2016

The Influence of Cold Bending Technology in Construction Industry


      The construction industry is a large user of cold-formed steel. Currently the world's annual production of cold-formed steel in more than 50 million tons, of which 40-60% for the construction industry.

      In recent years, in order to meet the people's growing housing needs, to promote the modernization of the housing industry, improve the quality of housing, the state has introduced a number of guiding policies to encourage residential technology innovation, vigorously promote advanced and mature new materials, new technologies, new technology , To build low-rise steel structure of low-rise residential. Light steel components are usually made of zinc or aluminum-zinc alloy steel sheet cold-roll forming, the cross-sectional shape is usually C-type and groove type. 

      The thickness of the steel sheet may vary depending on the requirements of the structure, and the member length may be determined as desired. Light steel components in the production of precision, in its production process is usually in the regular perforation of components in order to facilitate the hydropower lines and pipelines and transverse reinforcement components through. Although a thin steel plate itself bearing capacity is not high, but by cold bending into different shapes (such as C-type), the bending resistance of the ability to double. Therefore, the bearing capacity of light steel components is mainly determined by its cross-sectional shape, rather than the thickness of the plate. This constitutes the characteristics of its high-strength lightweight. Moreover, the use of this metal coating of steel in its construction and use of the process will not rust. 

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