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The Latest Development of Cold Bending Forming Research at Home and Abroad
Oct 24, 2016

The Latest Development of Cold Bending Forming Research at Home and Abroad

      Cold roll forming machine is one of the important methods of sheet metal processing, is to roll material or sheet by a number of its shape forming roller forming machine on the gradual deformation of the embryo material to obtain a uniform cross-section Products of plastic processing methods, but also can be called roll bending. Cold forming is a material, energy saving, high efficiency, advanced and applicable sheet metal forming process.

      Cold forming has been one of the least studied branches in the field of sheet metal forming. In recent years, cold bending forming theory research gradually unfolds, its guiding function to the theory also receives the attention.

      Cold-formed steel varieties have more than 10,000 kinds, and further increasing trend. The total cold-formed steel production in the world more than 10 million t, accounting for the world's total steel output of 3% to 4%.

Due to many factors influencing cold forming, the product variety is very complex. Therefore, the theoretical analysis is very difficult. The design of the tool and the tool is arduous, which depends on the designer's experience and trial production. 70 years abroad began to use computers for cold bending tool design, from cold forming tool design has entered a new stage of development. China also in the early 80s to do a lot, fruitful work. Since the late 1980s, the national meal has been in the cold forming mechanics, cold bending test analysis techniques, finite element analysis technology has made great progress, which effectively promoted the development of cold forming research.

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