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Tube Mill Advantages Disadvantages
Sep 14, 2017

Tube Mill Advantages disadvantages

What are the advantages and disadvantages of tube mill?

Tube mill is shifted from the ball, crushing machine is a kind of media operation type, in the chemical industry, building materials and electricity sector has a broad role, in cement industry, the existence of the tube mill is also extremely important. The following is to give you an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the mill.

Advantages of tube mill

1. The adaptability of various materials is well behaved and the production volume is large, which can meet the requirements of modern industrial production.

2. The crushing force is larger, the general state can reach more than 300, and the ultra-fine grinding state can be increased to more than 1000. And easy to debug product fineness and particle level.

3. It can be operated according to different technologies of cement production, which can be used for dry grinding, wet grinding, open road grinding and closed-circuit grinding.

4. The machine has the advantages of easy maintenance, easy operation, strong structure, etc. The machine also has good sealing, negative pressure operation, and the dust is reduced.

Disadvantages of tube mill

1. The machine consumes too much energy and works less efficiently.

2. The operating speed of the machine barrel body is slower, but it needs to be driven by the motor, and it needs to configure the expensive speed reduction equipment.

3. The machine is in operation, producing loud noises and powerful vibration.

4. While the grinding body is in shock and grinding materials, its own parts, such as the grinding cylinder lining board, are also polished, so the metal material consumption is very high.

The bearing area of the torva is equal to the oil cavity area and the pressure is equal everywhere. Tube mill once by jacking (i.e., formed the hydrostatic oil film), confined area is expanded to the whole tile, oil cavity pressure equal to at this moment, the oil cavity outward pressure decreases gradually, until the tile edge is zero. For tube mill in jacking before and after weight did not change, but after jacking tile with the increase of confined area, so after the jacking oil cavity pressure (P) high pressure to yuan less than before jacking pressure of high pressure (P). By figures 4 and 5, you can see that the shadow area as a hydraulic lift force of grinding machine, the area should be equal, corresponds to tube mill load for tile, obviously P high pressure is less than P high pressure, this is the tube mill was jacking pressure is far less than the root cause of the pressure before starting.

The tube mill enters the normal operation state. After the high pressure pump stops, the pressure pressure P pressure measured by the pressure gauge is the pressure of the oil chamber under the pressure of the low pressure oil supply. Therefore, the pressure in the oil chamber is not the highest pressure of the radial pressure, and the variation of the pressure drop curve is different from that of static pressure, resulting in P dynamic pressure < P high pressure.

Tube mill into normal operation condition, and high pressure pump has not stopped, the pressure for P transition, it between pressure and dynamic pressure P P high school, this is due to work together, the result of the dynamic and static pressure and influence each other, so the pressure fluctuation is bigger.