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Tube Mill Bearing The Advantages Of Bearing
Jun 30, 2017

Tube Mill Bearing the advantages of bearing

Empty axis lubrication editor

In the bearing tube mill hollow shaft to install the location of the rolling bearing diameter will be bold, the hollow shaft is cooling the thin oil and the hollow shaft to the bearing on the temperature down to 60 ° below the normal range. The advantages of this bearing has the following aspects:

1. Rare oil lubrication is superior to grease lubrication, so that the bearing friction coefficient to a minimum, better energy-saving effect.

2. The normal operation of the bearing temperature, lubrication than the dry oil bearing temperature is much lower, extending the bearing life.

3. bearing the next seat with oil level to observe the oil standard, the operator can see the oil level at any time, to timely replenish the amount of oil to prevent lack of lubrication and poor, to avoid the occurrence of bearing damage accidents.

4. The oil content of the oil chamber in the bearing seat can be reduced by the external diameter of the rolling bearing (under the premise of ensuring sufficient strength and torque force in the installation and feeding device), a flange is connected with the connecting end of the hollow shaft and the access screw Feed and exit screw barrel flange for connection. In the hollow shaft from the thickened end face, set a compression bearing inner ring flange, to prevent the axial out of the bearing.

5. Remove the bearing outside the top sets to prevent dust into the bearing box, to maintain a good oil, to ensure the bearing life, safe and reliable operation.

6. As the diameter of the rolling bearing increases, with the hollow shaft diameter to form the difference between the average, the use of thin oil lubrication room to improve the oil level, to reduce the oil spill received a certain effect.

7. As a result of the installation of the rolling bearing parts of the hollow shaft diameter, so that the rolling bearing and feed the distance between the radial cylinder increased, played a certain role in heat insulation. The bearing cooling, extend the service life, play a role.

Rolling bearing and bearing lubrication in the form of medium diameter rolling bearing tube mill in the cement industry, mining industry, the power industry has been widely used. Roller bearing housings are designed and manufactured, most of which are lubricated with dry oil. From the use of the situation in recent years, as the scene operators and oilers can not observe the oil level in time, can not be timely to add grease, grease in the bearing box load can not be reflected in time, and the bearing lack of oil, bad Phenomenon occurs, the light caused by bearing life shortened, resulting in bearing damage, need to re-purchase and installation of new bearings, bearing manufacturers to bring a lot of inconvenience and some economic losses. In order to solve this problem, we have developed a thin oil lubrication of the rolling bearing of the new technology.

The lower seat of the bearing is composed of two oil chambers and a circulating water chamber. The oil level of each oil chamber can be in the inner diameter of the bearing, and the bottom of the oil chamber can be supplied to the floor of the oil chamber. Rolling bearings 1/3 volume soak in the thin oil chamber, thus ensuring a good lubrication of the rolling bearing. The middle of the two oil chambers is equipped with a cooling circulating water jacket, and the cooling water cools the oil temperature to the appropriate temperature of the bearing. This set, to ensure that the needs of bearing lubrication, do not need to use peripheral facilities such as lubrication stations, do not install the temperature control device, you can achieve safe operation.

In summary, this new hollow shaft and rolling bearing installation form and method, is based on the original installation method of progress and improve. This new thin oil lubricated bearing seat, to ensure good lubrication of the bearing is essential.