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Tube Mill Efficiency Gains Are Affected
Aug 09, 2017

Tube Mill Efficiency gains are affected

A Brief Discussion on the Method of Improving the Working Efficiency of Tube Mill

How to improve the efficiency of the mill has been a lot of cement mechanical engineers research topics, now on this issue put forward a few views, hope that the efficiency of pipe mill can be improved!

The efficiency of the pipe mill directly affects the economic benefits of the concentrator. Therefore, improving the efficiency of the mill is critical to the concentrator.

In general, the factors that control the efficiency of the tube mill are affected by the following factors:

1, the slowdown device; improve the speed is to improve the efficiency of the mill mill efficiency, therefore, the appropriate improvement of the reducer can also play a certain effect, the conditional concentrator can also choose to install the inverter on the speed Adjustment can also achieve satisfactory results.

2, add water; ore in the water on the efficiency of the mill also have a certain impact. Therefore, the appropriate increase in the moisture within the grinding chamber can also play a role in increasing the efficiency of the ball mill.

3, dispersant; adding dispersant can also improve the efficiency of the mill mill to a certain extent.

4, the current; for the tube mill, the increase in current is to improve the speed, high speed, the efficiency of the ball mill naturally high. It should be noted that the increase in current should be within the rated power range of the ball mill, such as the current is too large will burn the mill.

5, ball stone; here to note that the ball with the mix is also very important. To make the ball of the ball diameter is very small, so that the size of the grinding chamber can be fully milled ore, which can also improve the efficiency of the mill

6, the raw material formula; formula to be appropriate, so that both to improve the strength of the ball, but also to improve its weight, thereby increasing its inertia, so that the efficiency of the tube mill to a certain extent.

1.JGF and MGF series center drive reducer

● consists of main reducer, shaft coupling, linkage, slow drive, thin oil lubrication station and monitoring system;

● JGF series adopts two-stage parallel shaft hard tooth gear, power double shunt drive, both sides of the elastic shaft deformation to achieve the load; MGF series using the center drive double shunt three parallel axis hard tooth surface drive, with high-speed character tooth movement To achieve both load, each level gear drive are used to adjust the accuracy of eccentric sleeve contact accuracy;

● welding structure of the body;

● All gears use low carbon alloy steel carburizing quenching, hardness HRC57 +4;

● grinding processing;

● all parts of the design life of more than 10 years, the sliding bearing is never wear type;

● Monitoring system can achieve all the bearings and lubricants for temperature inspection and body vibration detection, and with the main control room to achieve computer control.