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Tube Mill Noise Control
Aug 24, 2017

Tube Mill Noise control

Expert Weapon to solve the problem of large noise mill

Tube mill in the course of the product will be a lot of noise, and now let the experts for everyone Weapon, to solve the problem of large noise mill

Tube mill noise control method:

1, at the sound source to reduce the tube mill noise:

There are many ways to reduce the noise of the tube mill from the sound source, but it can be applied to the control method of the dry high temperature tube mill of the thermal power plant. The main method is: damping and damping sound insulation treatment on the cylinder, Laying elastic buffer, the use of floating lining liner technology;

2, in the noise transmission path to control the noise: mainly the development of sound insulation good fixed sound insulation cover or assembled acoustic enclosures

3, tube mill noise control trends:

Control of noise in the noise path of the mill mill is an indispensable part of the whole noise control field, but this measure can not be involved in the transformation of the noise source and therefore can not be regarded as a positive measure. And sometimes to the operation and maintenance of equipment inconvenience. The most direct, most efficient and economical measure of the noise control of the tube mill is to reduce the sound source sound: "Noise control from the sound source". Therefore, the noise emitted by the noise source itself is the development trend of noise control research.

As we all know, tube mill is one of the most common equipment in the grinding system [2]. In the past 30 years, there has been no significant progress in the study of the state of the ball in the tube mill. The traditional theory is the theory of the univariate movement. On the basis of the five assumptions, the motion theory of the grinding body is studied. The study of the state of motion of the material is still blank. As the material, grinding body in the material grinding process is inseparable from a whole system, the traditional theory has been unable to guide the development and progress of the current cement grinding technology, and even become a link to people in this area of innovation stumbling block.