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Tube Mill Physical Extrusion Treatment
Jul 12, 2017

Tube Mill Physical extrusion treatment

High-pressure roller mill production mode is the physical extrusion, this new type of crushing the relative impact of the broken, you can achieve about 30% energy saving, for the current market to promote energy-saving production, is to adapt to market development Performance.

In the actual production process, no matter what kind of material to deal with, high-pressure roller mill adaptability is relatively strong, whether it is in the <3mm pre-grinding product crushing process, or in those with a particle size of -0.04mm Above the products, are excellent with the broken effect in which. In addition, for those who have high water content of ore material, also has excellent processing efficiency. In the mineral processing industry, you can pre-selected crushing equipment, but also with other equipment to complete the production of complete sets of equipment. In the building materials, refractory industry and other industries, the current cement clinker, limestone, bauxite, graphite and other crushing have been successfully applied. The city's thermal power plants and central heating places, will produce a lot of fly ash, if the fly ash can not be rational use, it is easy to pollute the environment. In order to better protect the environment and improve the comprehensive utilization of fly ash, we recommend the use of single-drive roller press.

Single-roll presses product fineness and yield aspects of other equipment can not be compared, which is suitable for the use of fly ash the main reason. Although the single-drive roller presses can achieve a maximum grain size of 400 mesh, but the output can reach about 20 tons per hour, relative to the production needs of small manufacturers, the choice of this single-drive roller press is more appropriate, and single Transmission roller press price will be lower than the average equipment, from the investment side, is relatively more cost-effective. Industry development will inevitably have the existence of competition, high pressure roller mill how to better and faster to seize the market opportunities, today we come together to understand the advantages of high pressure roller mill equipment.

High-pressure roller mill is the more advanced crushing equipment, in many industries have applications, it is not only in the noise treatment than other crushing equipment has obvious advantages, but also in practical customers also get a lot of benefits. The production process of small power consumption, high efficiency, easy maintenance and other characteristics are we all know. In addition, high-quality high-pressure roller mill in the service life is significantly better than the general equipment on the market, and the quality of parts are carefully handled by professional and technical personnel, so the energy consumption will be lower than other equipment, although the total price May be higher than ordinary equipment, but from the overall price point of view, choose this type is higher than the roller is more appropriate, which is how high-pressure roller mill will quickly seize the market reasons.

According to the traditional crushing technology analysis, high-pressure roller mill in the integration of new production technology, the new equipment to our lives has brought great convenience. However, the use of high-pressure roller mill will inevitably fail, high pressure roller mill production process is one of the common problems of vibration problems, when the equipment abnormal vibration, the biggest reason is the size of the material particle size uneven, resulting in Machine squeeze pressure imbalance, we need to remember the work of the size of the size of the problem, if necessary, in strict accordance with the size of the model to choose the appropriate size of the size of the broken work. Failure is that the pressure of the equipment is too large, there is oil leakage, which is most likely due to the production of high pressure roller mill hydraulic system problems, the need for timely replacement of damaged parts, and put on clean hydraulic oil , And then the corresponding debugging work, until the machine back to normal work.