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Type and variety of bridge structure
Nov 26, 2016

Type and variety of bridge structure

       Steel cable bridge (hereinafter referred to as the bridge) design, manufacture and engineering use, must implement the relevant national technical policies, should be technologically advanced, economical and reasonable, safe and applicable to ensure quality. 

       Bridge is a tray, ladder straight section, bend through, accessories and support, hanger, etc., to support the cable with a continuous rigid structure of the system in general.


       The bridge can contain the following types of structures:

First, the hole tray: by the hole with the bottom of the floor and the side of the groove-shaped components, or by the entire steel plate after punching parts made of bending. Second, the non-porous tray: is composed of the bottom plate and the side or bent from the entire steel plate made of groove-shaped components. Third, the ladder: the side is formed by a number of cross-section trapezoidal components. In this case,

Fourth, the assembly tray: Is suitable for any combination of the site of the perforated parts with bolts or plug connected to the components of the tray.


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