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Various categories of elevators
Feb 14, 2017

Various categories of elevators

(1) by purpose

Elevator by use is divided into passenger elevators, cargo elevators, passenger and freight elevators, bed elevators, residential elevators, debris elevators, sightseeing elevators, marine elevators, car elevators, construction elevators. 

(2) by driving the way classification

The elevator is divided into traction drive elevator, hydraulic elevator, linear motor drive elevator, rack and pinion drive, screw elevator and so on. The following are the same as the "

(3) according to the control of control classification

Elevator control according to the control mode is divided into handle switch control, button control, signal control, set control, parallel control, group control and so on. 

(4) according to the room location classification

The elevator is divided into the upper engine room, the lower room, the side room and the machine room (traction system and control cabinet in the hoistway). Which no machine room elevator because it does not take up room space, green, energy saving and other advantages are more and more people use. 

(5) according to the running speed classification

The elevator in accordance with the operating speed customary according to the following method classification: low speed ladder, refers to less than 1.00 m / s speed of the elevator; medium speed ladder, refers to the speed of 1.00 ~ 2.50 m / s elevator; high speed ladder, refers to the speed greater than 3.00 m / S of the elevator.

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