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Welded Square Tube Mill Machine Need To Pay Attention To Matters
Apr 11, 2018

Welded square tube mill machine is a matter to be noted: The square tube first cleans the oil of the weld joint, and the first layer can be welded only after the entire circle is welded. Rust and so on, at least two layers, thin to open smaller (angle grinder) cycle growth, generally better at four points

The square pipe welded square pipe welding should be half the welding edge of the loss, if you accidentally opened a large hole, then you can properly leave smaller. Point welding at least three points welding square tube is a matter of attention, water, and then according to the wall thickness of the opening welding square tube is a matter of attention, and then is the gap of the product, it should be layered loss edge welding square tube is required The main items are generally 1-1.5 times the diameter of the welding rod or welding wire. The thicker welding square tube is a matter to be noted, and the paint is good from the opposite side. If the square pipe is thick, then it is a loss. The best seven points is more than one centimeter above the lowest point. The above is a major issue for Welded square tube mill machine.