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What are the varieties of cold-formed steel
Dec 05, 2016

What are the varieties of cold-formed steel

       Cold-formed steel is one of many varieties of steel, a certain width of the strip, at room temperature through a group of vertical arrangement of the roll, and gradually deformed to meet the requirements of the use of the shape and size, and then cut into the appropriate size of the corresponding length. This product is cold-formed steel. Of course, you can also use stamping, bending or drawing deformation methods such as cold-formed steel. However, the roll forming method is suitable for mass production of industrial production, its product quality, processing costs, production efficiency is unmatched by other methods, is the main cold-formed steel production process. If the unit is equipped with welding equipment (such as high-frequency welding, welding, etc.) can also produce closed-section cold-formed steel.

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