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What Cable Trays On The Market With More
Jul 27, 2016

What cable trays on the market with more

Today's intelligent building weak electricity system, typically have multiple monitoring and information systems, such as communications facilities, cable tray into slots style, tray and ladder type structure, selection should pay attention to all parts of the bridge meets series, universal, standardized set of requirements. Building bridge can be set up independently.

Can also be set up in various buildings and pipe rack brackets, should reflect the structure is simple, beautiful, flexible configuration and easy repair, all parts have to be galvanized, exposed day bridge of the installed in a building, if you are close to the sea or corrosive areas, the material must have antiseptic and resistant to moisture. Cable Bridge currently is widely used in the construction industry, mainly trough bridge, galvanized tray, step tray, stainless steel tray, etc.