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High Frequency Erw Round Pipe Mill Equipment/machine

high frequency erw round pipe mill equipment / machine round pipe mill equipment of s cope of supply and service round pipe mill equipment of t echnique data (TY76): 1.Coil thickness: 1.2-3.75mm 2.Producing pipe size: Ф32mm-Ф89mm 3.Line speed: 0-80m/min 4.Operation area: L56m X W4.5m round pipe...
Product Details:

high frequency erw round pipe mill equipment/machine

round pipe mill equipment of scope of supply and service

1Uncoiler1 setManual/Pneumatic/Hydraulic expanding
2Shearing and butt welding1 setManual/Pneumatic/Hydraulic cutting
3Accumulator1 setVertical/Horizontal
4Forming & Sizing unit1 setDC motor/AC motor
5Flying cutting saw1 setHot friction cutting/Cold cutting
6Run-out table1 set 
7Solid High frequency welder1 set 

round pipe mill equipment of technique data (TY76):

1.Coil thickness: 1.2-3.75mm

2.Producing pipe size: Ф32mm-Ф89mm

3.Line speed: 0-80m/min

4.Operation area: L56m X W4.5m

round pipe mill equipment of output product scope
Pipe type: Straight seam high frequency welded pipes
Pipe purpose: Electric heating tube, fridge pipe, Auto car pipe, sporting facility tube, furniture pipe, cooler pipe, pressure feeding pipe, construction pipe, configuration pipe.
Round pipe size: Φ32mm~Φ89mm * 1.2mm~3.75mm

round pipe mill equipment of line capability
Line direction: Pending and will be decided by Buyer
Producing speed: 30~80m/min


round pipe mill equipment of Suzhou Tianyuan


Q:What is a cold drawn welded pipe?
A:Cold drawn seamless steel tube is a kind of precise cold drawn seamless pipe used for mechanical structure and hydraulic equipment with high dimensional accuracy and good surface .

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