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Precision Rectangle Pipe Mill Equipment

precision rectangle pipe mill equipment rectangle pipe mill equipment s cope of supply and service rectangle pipe mill equipment of technique data (TY50): 1.Coil thickness: 0.8-3.0mm 2.Producing pipe size: Ф20mm-Ф63.5mm 3.Line speed: 0-80m/min 4.Operation area: L50m X W4.5m rectangle pipe mill...
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precision rectangle pipe mill equipment

rectangle pipe mill equipment scope of supply and service

1Uncoiler1 setManual/Pneumatic/Hydraulic expanding
2Shearing and butt welding1 setManual/Pneumatic/Hydraulic cutting
3Accumulator1 setVertical/Horizontal
4Forming & Sizing unit1 setDC motor/AC motor
5Flying cutting saw1 setHot friction cutting/Cold cutting
6Run-out table1 set 
7Solid High frequency welder1 set 

rectangle pipe mill equipment of technique data (TY50):

1.Coil thickness: 0.8-3.0mm

2.Producing pipe size: Ф20mm-Ф63.5mm

3.Line speed: 0-80m/min

4.Operation area: L50m X W4.5m

rectangle pipe mill equipment of Driving system
1、Forming & Sizing driving system: 2 sets
2、Motor type: Z4-200-31 90Kw/1500rpm
3、Reducer type: ZLY hard gear reducer
4、Motor driving system: Control by DC digital converter


rectangle pipe mill equipment parts of Welding:
Guiding frame------------------------------------------1 set
Welding pinch frame----------------------------------1 set
HF welder------------------------1 set (or prepared by Buyer)
Deburring cutter (Pneumatic) ----------------------1 set


rectangle pipe mill equipment of Suzhou Tianyuan


Q:Is it possible to produce a pseudo defect wave when detecting the weld seam of the longitudinal welded pipe?
A:The most vulnerable is the pseudo defect root overip, root concave, and more than high reflection.
The most common defects in pipe welds are incomplete fusion, slag inclusion, porosity and cracks.

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