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High Frequency Precision Round Pipe Welding Machine

high frequency precision round pipe welding machine round pipe welding machine of t echnique flow chart Uncoiling-> Material accumulating-> Leveling-> Forming-> High-frequency welding-> Deburring-> Cooling-> Sizing-> Straightening-> Flying saw cutting -> Discharging...
Product Details:

high frequency precision round pipe welding machine

round pipe welding machine of technique flow chart
Uncoiling-> Material accumulating-> Leveling-> Forming-> High-frequency welding-> Deburring-> Cooling-> Sizing-> Straightening-> Flying saw cutting -> Discharging


round pipe welding machine of technique data (TY60):

1.Coil thickness: 1.0-3.2mm

2.Producing pipe size: Ф25mm-Ф76mm

3.Line speed: 0-80m/min

4.Operation area: L50m X W4.5m

round pipe welding machine of Line capability

☆ Line direction: Pending and will be decided by Buyer

☆ Producing speed: 30~80m/min

round pipe welding machine Parts of Line

☆ Double heads Decoiler--------------------------------1 set

☆ Shear & butt welding device-------------------------Optional

☆ Horizontal accumulator--------------------------------1 set

☆ Forming & Sizing unit----------------------------------1 set

☆ Hot frication saw----------------------------------------1 set

☆ Run out table (single side discharging)-----------1 set

☆ Control system------------------------------------------1 set

☆ Roller------------------------------------------------------Optional / prepared by Buyer

☆ Pneumatic system--------------------------------------Prepared by Buyer



round pipe welding machine of Suzhou Tianyuan



Q:What are the differences between welded pipe and straight welded pipe?
A:Welded pipe is a general term, welded pipe has straight welded pipe and spiral welded pipe have two kinds, Straight welded pipe and spiral welded pipe are mainly low pressure conveying. The spiral welded pipe is mainly used for petroleum and natural gas.

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